With the economy still hurting there is no reason anyone should be paying full price for anything, especially vehicle maintenance.  One of the easiest and simplest ways to save money every few months is by using synthetic oil change coupons.  You’ll notice that as you begin to use your coupons you’ll also start saving money on other services.  It is very common in the automotive industry that they couple service packages together.

Nearly everyone accepts printable coupons.

It’s very rare that a business doesn’t accept printable coupons or won’t match a competitor’s coupon price.  With that said, you should always make sure the coupon you are trying to use is valid.  Here are 4 things that you can check:

  1. Is the manufacturer’s name on the coupon or is it generic?  Many businesses won’t accept generic coupons as they can be fake.
  2. Does the coupon have a scannable barcode?  Most times manufacturers will imprint a bar code to ensure customers are using valid coupons
  3. Is there an expiration date?  A lot of companies are issuing coupons on a monthly basis.  For example, if you check out Meineke’s main website you’ll find they update their printable coupons monthly so that customers have to check back in to get their savings.

Check out these printable synthetic oil change coupons we found just for you.

To use these coupons, right click on the coupon, click “save image as” and print it!  Saving money couldn’t be easier.

Pennzoil.  They are currently offering a $5 OFF next oil change at participating locations.

Tires Plus.  Full synthetic or synthetic blend for 30% off.

Firestone.  Check out the video below for more information.

These aren’t printable, but here are some other synthetic oil change savings.

Mobil 1 $8 Mail-In Rebate.  To receive an $8 rebate check, send the original register receipt showing proof of oil change using any Mobil 1 or Mobil Delvac 1 product.  Here is the address to send it to Mobil Installer Rebate Offer, P.O. Box 292250, Lewisville, TX 75029-2250.

Other places to check for printable synthetic oil change coupons.

If you look around you’ll find multiple coupon sites that contain coupons for nearly every item available.  A lot of times they’ll provide you with a coupon code or the actual coupon to print out.  You can check back regularly or sign up for their newsletter to receive updates.

Walmart offers all sorts of synthetic oil coupons, you just have to continue to check back with them as their coupons are constantly changing.

Last but not least, one way to save money on your next oil change is to do it yourself.  We’ve mentioned this before as one of your options.  One of the huge benefits of using this method is not only will you save money but you’ll also educate yourself on how your car engine works.  Check through any major retail store and you’re sure to find coupons for do-it-yourself oil change kits and synthetic motor oil to go along with it.

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